The New York Economic Review (NYER) is an annual publication of the New York State Economics Association (NYSEA). The NYER publishes theoretical and empirical articles, and also interpretive reviews of the literature in the fields of economics and finance. All well-written, original manuscripts are welcome for consideration at the NYER. We also encourage the submission of short articles and replication studies. Special Issue proposals are welcome and require a minimum of 4 papers to be included in the proposal, as well as a list of suggested referees that comply with our conflict of interest policies.

A minimum of two referees will review all articles submitted for publication. The reviewing process is double-blind: documents sent to referees will redact information about the author, and correspondence from referees will redact information about the referees. Full editorial ethics policies and guidelines can be found here. The NYER has the goal of a three month turnaround. All manuscripts sent to referees will receive reports. The New York Economic Review is cited in Ulrich’s International Publication Directory. The NYER is also included in the Australian Business Deans Council Journal Quality List. Articles are listed in the EBSCO database with full text reference.


The New York Economic Review is an online Open Access journal made available under the terms of a CC-BY-NC 4.0 license ( ). Recent issues of the NYER can be found at this page (here). Authors and Institutions are permitted to print and distribute the New York Economic Review as permitted under the terms of the CC-BY-NC 4.0 license above.

Manuscript submissions must be made in electronic form. Submission to the NYER is free.

The submission should be accompanied by:
  1. A cover letter that states that the paper is not under review at another journal and a brief disclosure statement in line with our disclosure and data availability policy.
  2. A separate cover page with the title of the paper, name and contact information for the corresponding author, and name and contact information for all coauthors.

Electronic submissions must be made in the form of a Word document. The manuscript should delete any information that would identify the author(s). The submission and supplemental materials requested above should be sent to the editor at:

Beyond the stipulations that the manuscript should be double spaced, use a font size that is no less than 12 points, and be thoroughly proofread, there are no style guidelines for the initial submission. Papers that are accepted for publication in the NYER must conform to the Review’s style guidelines, which can be found here (hyperlink to Guidelines for Authors page).

Past Issues of the New York Economic Review

The current and past issues of the NYER are available, in PDF format, here.


The NYER is willing to accept advertising from publishers or organizations offering products that are of interest to an academic readership. Anyone wishing to place an advertisement in the NYER should contact the editor for information about the NYER’s advertising policy and rates.