Distinguished Fellows of the NYSEA

1986 Alfred Lubell, SUNY Oneonta
1990 Bogdan Mieczkowski, Ithaca College
1992 Frank Musgrave, Ithaca College
1999 William P. O'Dea, SUNY Oneonta
2004 Wade L. Thomas, SUNY Oneonta
2007 Joseph Eisenhauer, Wright State University
2008 Alfred Lubell, SUNY Oneonta
2014 Florence Shu, SUNY Canton
2015 James F. Booker, Siena College

Presidents and presiding officers of the NYSEA

(and its forerunner the Central New York Economics Conference)

1948-49 Wilfred Crook, Colgate University (Chairman of the Central New York Economics Conference)*
1949-50 William Kessler, Colgate University (Chairman of the Central New York Economics Conference)
1950-56 N. Arnold Tolles, Cornell University and Louis Salkever, SUNY New Paltz and SUNY Albany
These men are believed to have served as presidents during this period. There may have been others.
1957 Meeting scheduled at Niagara University was not held
1957-1959 No records of meetings
1960 First meeting under the new name of New York State Economics Association at Syracuse University
1960-63 meetings were held at Syracuse University
William Hoskings, Colgate University; Laurence Abbott, Union College; and Archibald McIsaac, Syracuse University, were possibly presidents during these years. The exact years are not known. However, McIsaac's death in January 1960 would seem to rule out his service as president.
1963-64 Laurence Leamer, Harpur College (SUNY Binghamton)
1964-65 Gerard, Lemoyne College (first name possibly Lester)
1965-66 Frank Farnsworth, Colgate University
1966-67 Louis Salkever, SUNY Albany
1967-68 Sanford Gordon, SUNY Oneonta
1968-69 Virgil Crisafulli, Utica College of Syracuse University
1969-70 Rawle Farley, SUNY Brockport
1970-71 Edwin Holstein, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
1971-72 David Martin, SUNY Geneseo
1972-73 William N. Leonard, Hofstra University
1973-74 William Bennett, SUNY Buffalo
1974-75 Kelvin Lancaster, Columbia University
1975-76 Stanton Warren, SUNY Plattsburgh
1976-77 Thomas Kershner, SUNY Buffalo
1977-83 Alfred Lubell, SUNY Oneonta
1983-85 James Cicarelli, St. Bonaventure University
1985-87 Angela Hardy Isaac, Rochester Institute of Technology
1986-88 John Helmuth, Rochester Institute of Technology
1988-90 Frank Musgrave, Ithaca College
1990-92 A. Dale Tussing, Syracuse University
1992-94 Charles Callahan, III, SUNY Brockport
1994-96 Sherry Wetchler, Ithaca College
1996-98 Wade Thomas, SUNY Oneonta
1998-2000 Peter Pasqualino, Fulton-Montgomery CC
2000-01 Joseph Eisenhauer, Canisius College
2001-03 Richard Deitz, Federal Reserve Bank Buffalo NY
2003-05 Elia Kacapyr, Ithaca College
2005-07 James F. Booker, Siena College
2007-09 William Kolberg, Ithaca College
2009-11 Jeffrey Wagner, Rochester Institute of Technology
2011-13 Richard Vogel, SUNY Farmingdale
2013-15 Paul Manimoy, Siena College
2015-17 Xu Zhang, SUNY Farmingdale
2017-19 Clair Smith, St. John Fisher College


* 1948-49 Mabel Magee, Wells College, hosted and Wilfred Crook, Colgate University, presided over the meeting to create the Central New York Economics Conference. This organization was the forerunner of NYSEA.

** The information concerning past presidents of the NYSEA is based on available archives of the organization. We welcome documentation or oral history concerning the organization, especially for the period 1948-68. Please contact Wade L. Thomas.